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OnBase by Hyland is a leading enterprise content management software solution OnBase by Hyland helps you improve customer service, reduce operating costs and minimize risk. It does this by providing you with instant access to all your data, documents and business processes from wherever you are, whatever device you are using or application you are working in.
What can ECM do for you ?

What can ECM do for you? Enterprise content management is a technology that allows you to take control of your organization's important information, like documents, emails, invoices, contracts and so much more. By taking control of that information, you can:
1. Reduce operating costs
Eliminates the costs of printing, shipping and storing paper because your content is captured digitally Improves productivity by providing instant access to content and processes from anywhere, even a mobile device Speeds up processes by automating predictable decisions and providing useful tools to manage all the surrounding tasks, activities and case work, allowing you to increase productivity without increasing staff.
2. Improve customer service
Recovers time spent searching in multiple locations for documents, and waiting for files to be pulled and delivered Allows customers, constituents and students to complete forms and make requests online Provides online real-time visibility into status of requests, transactions and orders.
3. Minimize risk
Allows easy enforcement of your security policies and tracks all access and activities Facilitates reporting and auditing on the information you do and don't have Automates your retention and records management requirements.

Onbase Overview

OnBase Overview The OnBase product suite, by Hyland, enables organizations to be more efficient – reducing costs, increasing cash flow, and enabling them to prepare for audits, litigation and disasters.
OnBase 15: What’s New?
OnBase 15 includes more than 3,100 improvements – all of which are designed to improve and enhance your OnBase system and solutions.
The OnBase Cloud
The OnBase Cloud combines the full ECM functionality of OnBase with the flexibility, scalability and cost-benefits of the cloud
Case Management
Use OnBase to model, design, develop and execute collaborative business process and case management solutions – whether dealing with documents, data, or unstructured information and activities
With OnBase, it’s easier than ever for your information to find you – whether you’re on the road, without Internet access or simply working at your desk, mobile content management keeps your processes running.
Enterprise Scalability
Whether you’re deploying it around a specific case, department or your entire enterprise, OnBase scales to meet your needs
Data Capture
As documents are captured, OnBase pulls the relevant data off the page and then shares it with your other systems, saving you time and allowing your employees to focus on higher value tasks
OnBase links the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other enterprise applications.
The OnBase Difference
OnBase puts your world of information in your hands, enabling your organization to be more efficient – reducing costs, increasing cash flow and helping you survive audits

ECM Building Blocks


Your ECM solution should be able to capture any file type from any physical location, and automatically classify your documents.


ECM promises to optimize your processes, driving efficiency by eliminating wasted time.


An ECM solution should allow you to access your important information quickly and easily. And everyone who needs access to this content should be able to easily, from anywhere.


Your ECM solution should integrate with all your critical business applications, like Epic, Cerner, SAP, Lawson, Microsoft and others.


Your ECM solution should allow you to monitor and report on the information and activity within your solution, without involving IT or database administrators.


An ideal ECM solution will provide affordable redundancy of your data, and have your retention policies running automatically behind the scenes.

Driving Business Transformation

Improve Employee Efficiency

Are any of these scenarios eating up your business efficiency ?

  • Employees spending too much time on low-value tasks.
  • Some employees always working while others are idle.
  • Decision makers causing workflow bottlenecks when unavailable to make pending business decisions.
  • Employees choosing work most valuable to them, not aligned to corporate goals.

    If yes, workflow management software will help you tackle these scenarios and improve employee efficiency. OnBase by Hyland’s workflow management software automates business processes and workflows. Enabling equal sharing of work between employees, OnBase matches work allocations with the skill set of workers.

    With OnBase, you can:
    • Eliminate process bottlenecks and improve business workflows
    • Route information to the right employee
    • Promote faster speed to issue resolution

      OnBase Workflow Management Software does not require complex programming for configuration. It can be configured with a simple point-and-click action.
Make decisions on the Go

OnBase Mobile allows users to instantly retrieve information and data, enact business process decisions such as document approval, receive notifications and view status dashboards of the processes most important to them. With the ability to capture and ingest photos into a database, OnBase Mobile users can complete and sign forms via touch screen, making decisions on the go and taking control of content management.

Continue mobile content management without Internet connectivity OnBase Mobile takes access a step further, providing offline access to those who need it. Users can:

  • Take documents like contracts, process documentation and employee handbooks offline on an iPad to read when they have the time, without relying on an Internet or network connection.

  • Give field workers access to all the information they need, without any connection back to the office,through OnBase Briefcase. They can create, retrieve and update documents, complete forms and upload photos all while offline. Once online, OnBase automatically synchronizes and reconciles all changes so information stays up to date.

    Access information from your everyday applications

    OnBase Mobile gives users quick access to information while on the go. This same information is instantly accessible when users are back in the office, too. OnBase easily integrates the same processes, documents and data with the applications your employees use most, whether that’s Microsoft Outlook®, your ERP or home grown applications. When your mobile workers lay down their devices and log on to the network and applications they use every day, they can pick up right where they left off.

Integrate OnBase with any application - NO Code !

OnBase has integrated with more than 500 different applications with no time or money spent on custom coding, making it one of the easiest and fastest ECM solutions with which to integrate. OnBase also provides flexibility to create your own integrations with our APIs and Web Services.

Integrate without custom code

Hyland provides a seamless, easy-to-use integration tool called Application Enabler. This integrates OnBase with your business applications with literally just a few mouse-clicks. Instead of weeks or months, most customers complete integrations in a matter of hours. And because there is no custom coding needed, you can upgrade your other business applications without worrying how it will affect OnBase. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Application Enabler is about more than just accessing documents. Using information on the application’s screen, OnBase can automatically fill out E-forms, launch workflows, print barcode cover-sheets for scan jobs, dynamically compose documents (such as offer letters and policies) and more. One long-time customer integrated OnBase with 12 different applications in one day!

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Every organization is different, and unique business problems often require unique solutions. What if you could completely customize your solution to make it exactly what your users need? The OnBase suite of APIs gives you that flexibility. Your programmers are provided with access points to create custom applications and integrations with OnBase documents and automated processes. Because programming interfaces are provided for industry standard languages – Web Services, .Net, COM, Java – your developers won't have to struggle learning yet another proprietary platform. Unique problems, unique solutions – through the OnBase APIs.

Web Services

Do you need to provide real-time information to customers, business partners, and systems outside of your organization? Do you need to provide your remote offices with system information?

Onbase by Hyland Integrations with Sharepoint

Onbase by Hyland has comprehensive integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint . The discussion topic is a subject by itself , please contact us if you need any further information


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