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Nuance eCopy

eCopy ShareScan accelerates paper and electronic document capture workflows while catalyzing compliance through records management protocols and policies. The eCopy modular platform architecture gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your company. Select components a la carte or choose from an array of packaged solutions – all of which can be mixed and managed as one system.
eCopy PDF Pro Office

eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smart desktop PDF companion to MFP scanning, enabling easy, yet powerful PDF creation, editing, conversion, and collaboration for maximum savings without compromise. Featuring more productive scanning, word processor-like editing, Cloud and document management connectivity, PDF security, and Dragon® Notes, it dramatically improves business productivity.

eCopy ShareScan Office

Every day, knowledge workers, managers, & administrative personnel need to get more done in less time by transforming paper into electronic documents. More than ever, on-demand scanning solutions are key to increasing productivity & accelerating business processes by automating workflows that anyone can access right at the copier. eCopy ShareScan Office lets you scan paper documents & connect them to your collaboration, desktop publishing, & archival workflows. In addition to secure scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC, & scan-to-file functionality, ShareScan Office can automatically convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs or editable Microsoft Word & Excel files & connect to your document management system.

eCopy PDF Pro Office

Turn paper into PDF more productively

Create PDF files directly from your scanner or MFP with time saving one-click scanning to PDF. Scan to standard image, searchable, or editable PDF formats.

Create PDF files from any PC application that can print

Instantly create 100% industry-standard PDF files with security options that are fully compliant and compatible with all PDF viewers. You can even add bookmarks and transfer hyperlinks when creating PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Take advantage of powerful word-processing capabilities—in a single application

Advanced editing functionality converts PDF files into fluid and dynamic PDF documents complete with full word processing capabilities—all at the click of a button. You gain more editing control and can update PDF documents quicker than ever before.

Don’t retype your documents

If you must work with PDF document content in other applications, don’t waste valuable time recreating them—convert them. Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are faithfully reproduced in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Corel® WordPerfect® documents.

Combine and assemble documents with ease

Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag-and-drop ease. View and select pages from a source document—such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, JPG, BMP , TIF, or XPS—to insert into a target document. Just drag and drop the pages add them into the PDF file.

Replace Adobe Acrobat with a complete PDF solution

eCopy PDF Pro Office 6 is the smartest value in PDF software. It offers an impressive array of features specifically designed to make you more productive with PDF in every capacity. You get all the PDF tools necessary to annotate, markup, secure and compress PDF plus additional features only available from Nuance for document conversion, search, connectivity and more.

Features of eCopy PDF Office Pro

  • Word-processing capabilities in your PDF

    Eliminate the frustration of having to re-create or locate an original document to repurpose and edit its contents. Advanced editing functionality converts PDF files into fluid and dynamic documents with full word processing capabilities – right within the PDF software application.
  • Speak your notes for faster PDF review

    With Dragon Notes, you can use your voice to quickly capture ideas and comments directly within your PDF files. Simply speak to create text notes in far less time than it takes to type. It’s a fast, accurate and convenient way to boost productivity when working with PDFs.
  • Connect your documents to the cloud

    New connectors allow you to open files from popular cloud services, such as Box, Google Docs™, Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Office 365, Evernote® and Dropbox. Once you’ve made changes, you can send the updated files back to these sites.
  • PDF/A compliance checker

    PDF/A compliance verification is now easier than ever by submitting any PDF file through the Compliance Checker. If PDF fails compliance, report of issues and process to resolve is available at the click of a button.
  • Document management support

    Integrated with the most popular document management systems so that the enterprise users can seamlessly work with their documents within a streamlined process.

eCopy ShareScan Office

The Best MFP Scanning and OCR Solution for Productivity

Our best–in–class UI eliminates training, ensures rapid adoption, and generates the fastest ROI.

Superior Usability

From single sign–on and one–button OCR and routing, to scrolling / fly–out menus and fast access to personal favorites, ShareScan Office is the easy answer streamlining paper–intensive office workflows. See a preview image, select from your personal e–mail address book or choose e–mail distribution lists—right from the copier’s touch screen.

Automatically Convert Hardcopy Originals into Accurate, Formatted, Editable Softcopy

Scan, convert, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files—including columns, graphics, and tables. You save time and money, with high accuracy and less reformatting.

Industry–Leading Mail and File System Integration

Access global and personal address books and browse folders right at the copier—no need to go back to your desk to file or route documents. The "Express" mode automates routine e–mail distributions and sent e–mail appears in the user’s personal "Sent Items" folder. Offline processing and notification means you can submit large batches and return to your office before completion.

Streamlined Archival with Flexible ECM Options

eCopy ShareScan Office provides complete integration to content management, network folders, SQL databases, and more. Connect with your choice of leading ECMs such as SharePoint, RightFax, EMC Documentum, iManage WorkSite, OpenText DM, or OpenText eDOCS.

Leverage Microsoft Investments

ShareScan office integrates with Active Directory®, Exchange, SharePoint, Access®, as well as additional application connectors created by third–party software companies using the ShareScan SDK.


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