GST Implementations and Printing

As far as Printing or document output or document creation requirements are concerned , GST implementations belongs to the category of regulatory , compliance and special requirements. Printing is affected because templates , for examples , on invoices need to be changed , and these changes need to be done by a certain deadline .

Compliance and Document Creation/Printing

Special Printing requirements

Who makes these demands ?
The following people who may make special demands on you to change quickly and accurately , and comply to special printing needs :

  • a) Regulatory , Compliance and Government Agencies , as in the case of Tax Invoices and GST .
  • b) Your Major Suppliers , who may demand , for provide them Purchase Orders or Invoices with something that helps their internal processes .
  • c) Your Major Customers .
Why these required changes to your output could be challenging ?

  • a) They generally come with deadlines attached . For example , all GST Tax Invoices have to be printed in a certain way by a certain time .
  • b) They generally require output to come from either your ERP , your in house developed core application , or some legacy system .
    • i) Those systems are not very good at printing .
    • ii) At least they are not good at complex printing .
    • iii) At the moment , many organizations leave it to their ERP vendor to deal with template changes .
      • a) This will likely cost more time .
      • b) This will likely cost more money .
      • c) The power and the capability to make changes belong to the ERP Vendor .

Take Charge of Printing to deal with Compliance

  • Print Formatting , Print Template designs for most major documents should be taken over by a Special Formatting Software - We recomment to remove Output forms programing away from ERP and applications and deliver it to a special formatting software .

Input and Output

  • Input Sources - Can be from :
    • ERP.
    • Legacy Systems.
    • In House Developed applications .
    • Any applications that generate invoices ( like GST Tax Invoices ) , statements and other important documents . The only condition is that these applications are able to generate standard text based output files or csv files .

Input Formats

  • Input Formats - Can be :
    • CSV .
    • Text Based PDF .
    • Fixed Length Spool files .
    • Spool files with Form Feed Commands .

Output Destinations can be

  • PCL 5 Laser Printers .
    • PCL 5 New Generation Inkjet Printers and MFP's
    • ECM and archival systems .
    • Sharepoint .
    • Email .

Time to take charge
When compliance and regulatory requirements impact Printing output , they can be usually challenging , in fact unusually challenging for the follwing reasons :

  • There is a deadline - You need a faster way than asking your ERP vendors to handle this .
  • There could be some complex printinf requirements - Barcodes , Special marks , foreign language . ERP and Application programmers are not equipped to do this . What does it mean they are not equipped to do this > It means
  • They cannot do it fast enough .
  • They cannot do it within budget limits .
  • They cannot do it accurately enough .
  • They cannot do it at all .
  • They do not have time to do it .
Organizations need DIY

Tools for Instant Self Service Output Design

  • Key Features and Benefits
  • WYSWYG Design.
  • No programming knowledge of PCL printer programming needed to design complex forms , Sends Escape Sequences to Printer Base Intelligent modules.
  • Barcode capabilities.
  • Sends Escape Sequences to Printer Base Intelligent modules.
  • Conditional Formatting.
  • Multi Part forms with intelligent selection of correct form.
  • Accepts text input from any ERP or application .
  • Supports Color Printers with Conditional Color .