Solutions from Bluemega

Bluemega Technologies is a French technology company , specializing in the development of printing solutions software . The 2 most popular software in their portfolio include Megaform and Kpax range .

Megaform Design

Electronic Forms Solution

MegaForm® : Multi-platform electronic forms Producing high-quality business forms is a fundamental part of the professional presentation of your company. The content must be correct, but the presentation is just as important in determining how your contacts perceive your organisation. All too often your applications fail you by not providing you with the ease and flexibility you need to create printouts that project your image. MegaForm is the easy way to escape limitations in your applications. It provides a quick, programming-free method of replacing old, impact printers and preprinted forms with fast, high quality, laser-printed forms, with no or minimal modification to existing applications.

Megaform is a variable data electronic forms solution . It consists of 2 components , Megaform Design and Megaform Server . Megaform Solution enables a non programming solution to develop highly professional looking documents , complete with barcodes , conditional formatting , Tables , and other needed elements . Megaform allows a pre processing agent to be used to manipulate files before they are sent for processing . Printer language commands can be added for paper orientation , and input and output tray selection . Special ability to insert Escape Sequences into the data stream enables Megaform to communicate with In Printer Intelligent Solutions like Jetmobile Bardimm and Jetmobile MICR DIMM .

Key Features and Benefits

  • WYSWYG Design.
  • No programming knowledge of PCL printer programming needed to design complex forms , Sends Escape Sequences to Printer Base Intelligent modules.
  • Barcode capabilities.
  • Sends Escape Sequences to Printer Base Intelligent modules.
  • Conditional Formatting.
  • Multi Part forms with intelligent selection of correct form.
  • Accepts text input from any ERP or application .
  • Supports Color Printers with Conditional Color

By providing a non programming method of designing and producing forms , including complicated and professional looking output , Megaform enables a user to be able to produce just about any kind of output needed , and can be used in the following applications :

  • Cheque Applications
  • Impact Printer replacement .
  • Taking control of ERP Printing
  • In House Statement printing
  • Managed Print Services
  • Dealing with Legacy Printing without using Legacy printers .